Josh Duggar's wife Anna 'is in a very broken place'

Amy Duggar King has confessed that she attempted to reach out to Anna Duggar – but claims she never received a response from the 'broken’ mother-of-seven. 

Amy, 36, who is Josh’s cousin, claimed that she’s 'tried’ her best to get in touch with the 34-year-old embattled wife of Jim Bob and 's eldest child.

’With Anna, I have tried.I have sent text messages, I have sent emails. I’ve tried, I’ve tried,’ Amy told People.

’I don’t know if her phone’s being monitored. I don’t know if she’s turned it off [and] she’s gotten a new one. I’ve tried on Instagram, I’ve tried on .She wants nothing to do with it at all, and that’s her decision,’ Amy continued. 

 Amy Duggar King, 36, claims she’s made multiple attempts to get in touch with Anna Duggar, 34, amid Anna’s husband Josh’s multiple sex scandals since 2015

Amy continued of Anna, 'if she ever does reach out, I am here for her’

Anna shares seven kids with Josh, 36, whom she married in 2008

Amy stressed that she’s been nothing but sympathetic to Anna’s plight – namely, her being a mother of seven whose husband is currently serving a 12-plus year sentence on child porn pornography charges.

’I understand she has a lot of kids, and I understand that she’s in a very broken place,’ Amy said. 

’I don’t want to speak for her.I’m sure that is just heartbreaking, but I also don’t necessarily think she sees it yet. I think it’s going to take a really long time. And if she ever does reach out, I am here for her.’

The reality TV personality went on to detail that she spoke with her husband Dillon about offering Anna and her kids a room 'when all this first came out,’ speaking of Josh’s sexual misconduct, which has forever stained the Duggar family’s once-wholesome public image.

’I offered it, and that’s really all I can do is just hope and pray that she opens her eyes.That’s all you can do,’ Amy explained of her unreciprocated efforts to strike up a dialogue with Anna.

’Honestly, it sucks. It just sucks because I want to be there and I want to help, and it doesn’t have to involve cameras or fame or anything. 

’It’s just family reaching out to family.Unfortunately, she doesn’t see it.’ 

Josh, 25, was sentenced to 12-and-a-half-years in prison in May 2022 after a jury found him guilty in December 2021 of possessing and receiving child pornography.

Anna has made it clear that divorcing Josh isn’t on the table.The couple are pictured here leaving the courthouse during week two of his trial in December 2021

It’s previously been reported by The Sun that Anna (pictured leaving the courthouse) 'firmly believes [Josh]’s innocent and it was all a set-up’

He was initially arrested in April 2021 after Homeland Security raided his now-shuttered used car dealership, seizing his office computer in the process.

Back in 2015, it came out that Josh had been paying for an account on – a dating platform catering to married people looking to have affairs – after the site was hacked and had its user data posted online.

The same year.a police report came to light alleging that Josh had fondled five underage girls around 2002 and 2003 – four of whom were his sisters.

After Josh’s sentencing in 2022, that she 'is a shell of a woman at the moment, but she is choosing to stay with Josh.They will not be getting a divorce.’

The source added that 'she still firmly believes he’s innocent and it was all a set-up.’

Anna reportedly had to sell her and Josh’s dream house amid his legal woes, and currently resides with her kids on Jim Bob and Michelle’s Arkansas compound.

Of some Duggar family members’ apparent determination to continue to overlook the seriousness of Josh’s actions, Amy vented to People, 'I think that some family members think that Josh could really do no wrong, and because they grew up with him, there’s no way that someone could have that much of a different personality when no one’s around and have such huge character flaws.

’And that’s putting it lightly, compared to what I really want to say,’ she seethed.

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