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Using 24 fps (the film standard) or 30 fps (the video standard) makes for much smoother motion, but 12 or 15 fps are common for brickfilms and other stop-motion animation. In 1958, the interlocking bricks were redesigned into the form they still hold today, which made them lock together much better than before. The resulting series of still images is strung together and played in quick succession as a movie, creating the illusion that the characters and other objects are in motion. The camera (whether meant for capturing still or moving images) will just need to allow you to take still shots and export them for editing. Like grunge itself, it didn’t take long for the mainstream to co-opt these underground fashions. You see – like any urban yuppie worth his salt – I want my food organic, I want it fresh and I want it at the lowest possible price. Note that OTM options are not worthless (before expiring) – they represent the potential for the stock price to move in desired direction until the expiration date.

Since Lego’s brick design patents expired in 1978, other companies have gotten into the building-brick business, including Best-Lock and Mega Bloks, which both make cheaper bricks that are mostly compatible with Lego bricks. Mega Bloks has the rights to make building sets for several franchises including the video games „Halo,” „Call of Duty” and „Assassin’s Creed,” as well as the Barbie and Hello Kitty toy franchises. Lego didn’t always make toy construction sets, but it’s the invention for which they’re most famous and which has dominated their business ever since. When construction began on the capitol building in Topeka, engineers missed their mark. Whereas claymation animators use clay as their main character building medium, brickfilm makers use bricks – Lego bricks, that is. But there are things you can do (and equipment you can use) to make the process easier or to increase the quality of the final movie. Cameras with optical rather than digital zoom are better because digital zoom decreases image quality and, therefore, would change your film quality from shot to shot.

Still, film is an art form and there are few hard and fast rules. The popular video game „Minecraft” even has a few sets, which is entirely appropriate given that the game involves constructing buildings and other items out of virtual blocks. You can use blackout shades, blankets or anything that will fully block out any outside light. Ideally, you want to either film in a room with no windows or somehow block the windows to keep natural light or other external light from coming into the room. Also be sure to wear dark clothing, preferably black, since light will reflect off of white or light clothing onto your set. You can include non-brick objects, non-minifig characters, painted backgrounds, papier-mâché set pieces or anything else to augment your brickfilm. A newer, increasingly popular form of animation, usually created via stop-motion, is the brickfilm. There are plenty of online tutorials for lighting stop-motion, or specifically brickfilm shoots, to help you get started and avoid pitfalls. With stop-motion, a lot of thought and work has to go into making changes to the position of each little moving piece or body part in a way that will mimic realistic movement in objects that, on their own, would otherwise just lie still.

Building your sets piece by piece, or brick by brick, before the shoot can also take a lot of time. It also takes a lot of these individual pictures to make a stop-motion film. At that speed, making a five-minute film takes 7,200 individual photographs. The sturdy interlocking bricks and their accessories are perfect for making small movie sets for brickfilms – starring minifigures, of course. The sets need to be similarly secure, on a stable surface with set items taped down or otherwise locked into place in case someone bumps into them. A camera with remote capture capabilities might help you avoid having to touch it constantly (reducing the likelihood of it accidentally moving out of place). You might also want to place a diffuser (again, maybe a handy sheet of paper) over the lamp bulbs to soften and spread out the light and prevent harsh shadows. Not only do the sets give children (and adults) the ability to build lots of cool buildings and vehicles out of Lego bricks, connectors and other construction necessities, but they also come with appropriate props and minifigures. The bricks and other construction pieces come minimum trade in olymp trade multiple colors and sizes, and you can buy the ones you need if you have your own special design in mind.

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